How We Do It at Bonney Bros, Inc!

Questions always come up when you are in the market for fresh mulch, excavating services, or adding gravel to your driveway. We have the answers for you to the most common questions.

There isn't any job large enough!

With such a large variety of services offered by Bonney Bros, Inc. Excavating, many questions arise on "How we do it".  Take a moment to review our frequently asked questions below.


How big are your trucks? 
Our trucks are large enough to accommodate up to 5 cubic yards or larger.  We are here to answer your questions by contacting us at 231-882-5281

Do you offer delivery services? 
Yes, we do! We deliver up to 10 miles at no charge! Anything over is a max of 30 miles delivery from our business location.

Is there a recommendation on how thick I should spread my mulch or bark? 
In new beds, 4" is recommended. If you plan on adding to an existing bed, 2-3" of mulch or bark will work well.

How do I place an order for services? 
Contacting us by phone at 231-882-5281

Is there a time frame to contact you for scheduling delivery to my residence or business? 
We highly recommend a two-day notice.  At times we can accommodate same-day delivery depending on the scheduled work and availability.

I have a large wet spot in my yard? Can you fix it? 
Absolutely! We can provide grading, add new topsoil or install a French drain.

Do you offer full lot clearing, tree removal, or land leveling? 
Yes, our team at Bonney Brothers will come to your location to review and assess the property to provide an estimate for the services.

How am I able to determine how much product I need?
If you have measurements available our staff can help determine the approximate quantity you need for your project.

What product is best for filling holes or re-graveling my driveway?
At Bonney Brothers, we offer a large variety of options from crushed limestone, crushed stone, crushed concrete, crushed asphalt and so much more! Call us at 231-882-5281!

What is the difference between the "screened" and "unscreened" topsoil? 
Absolutely! Unscreened topsoil, may contain rocks, pieces of grass, clay, and other materials.  With screened topsoil, those items are sifted out which makes it perfect for yards, gardens, flower beds and so much more!

Can you dump the product in my yard? 
Yes, we highly recommend and suggest you place an easily marked and recognizable stake where you want the product placed. Please be sure we are not going to harm your septic system or drainfields.

Don't See A Question? Call Us!

Calling us will help us understand what you are looking for.  Call or Text us at 231-882-5281. If we don't answer, leave a message and we will call you back.