How We Do It

Can you fix a wet spot in my yard?

   Yes, typically we can, by either grading in new topsoil or by installing a French drain.

Do you offer full lot clearing/tree removal?

   Yes, we would be happy to come and look at the property and provide you with an estimate.

How far in advance do I need to schedule a delivery? 

   Two days is preferred, same day delivery often available. We try to make sure we get it to you when you need it!

Do I need to come in place an order?

  No, we would be happy to schedule your delivery by phone or on our Face Book page.

Can you help me determine how much product I will need?

With measurements, we would be happy to help determine the approximate quantity you will need.

What is the best product for filling holes or re-graveling my driveway?

   We offer a variety of options, including crushed limestone, crushed stone, crushed concrete, 22A road gravel, and crushed asphalt.

How thick should I spread my bark/mulch?

In new beds, 4″ is recommended. If you are dressing an existing bed, 2-3″ will work.

What is the difference between “screened” and “unscreened” topsoil?

  Unscreened topsoil may contain rocks, pieces of grass and clay; these are sifted out of topsoil, making it perfect for yards, gardens, flower beds and more!

Do you deliver?

     Yes, we deliver up to 10 miles for free! We deliver up to 30 miles.

How big are your trucks?

We have trucks to accommodate 5 cubic yards or larger. If you have detailed questions, please give us a call or contact us through the website or our Facebook page.

Can you dump product into my yard?

   Yes, we ask that you place a stake where you would like it dumped. Also, please be sure that we will not harm your septic system or drain field.